Senior Pet Care

Pet geriatric information – February 2014 from WDDC on Vimeo.

When pets get older they are senior citizens at Rocky Rapids Veterinary Service. We pride ourselves in offering the best health care and support to our senior patients. As your pet ages, normal changes take place. These changes need to be monitored because diseases may develop and can often affect their overall health, well-being and comfort. We have experience, knowledge and access to diagnostics that allow us to detect some of those changes and diseases early on. Many conditions, when detected early and treated properly, can be prevented from progressing into more serious and sometimes life threatening illnesses. Our goal is for your pet and you to enjoy the longest healthiest life together.

We recommend twice annual wellness exams with the veterinarian to monitor your senior pet’s health. Remember pets are aging 5-7 times faster than we are.

If you notice any of the following, we strongly recommend you schedule an appointment to discuss them with the veterinarian:

  • Weight loss
  • Decrease in appetite
  • Excess urination
  • Excess thirst or drinking
  • Less exercise (reluctance to move, run, jump, etc.)
  • Perception of pain
  • Any vomiting, diarrhea, or lack of bowel movements

Along with the wellness exam our veterinarians may recommend performing different diagnostic tests such as, blood work, urinalysis, or x-rays. These tests will help to investigate the cause of a problem your pet may be having, or they may be used as a tool to help catch diseases before they are causing any obvious signs.

Osteoarthritis is a common and painful condition that may occur in our cats and dogs as they age. Our veterinarians will help you determine if osteoarthritis is causing problems in your pet. If it is, they will make recommendations to help ease the discomfort and pain that is associated with it. Whether it is through lifestyle changes, nutraceuticals, anti-inflammatories, pain reducers or even referrals to specialists, we will do what is needed for your pet.